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Sep 11 2011

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Kitchen Crew pauses for a photo during a French Toast frenzy that we did for breakfast.

QUEENS, NEW YORK:  In the wake of the 911 attacks, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) components were given the privilege and opportunity to serve those first responders who were working, both at the Pentagon and at the WTC Ground Zero.  Working in conjunction with the American Red Cross, our SBDR Volunteers we involved in the cleaning numerous apartments and other facilities in which the drywall dust generated by the collapse of the twin towers had put into the air and, consequently, into building air ducts.  Another major task was the feeding of countless policemen, firemen, and other first responders who were working day and night to rescue those trapped in the wreckage or recover those who died.
Working alongside other SBDR volunteers, our Maryland/Delaware team prepared food, readied it for transport by the Red Cross to feeding stations downtown along with inventory, sanitation and clean up and a plethora (don’t you just love that word) of activities in support of the overall mission.  A portable laundry unit cleaned our clothes, any many other volunteers from numerous states joined in the effort.
I apologize for the clarity of the photo as these were days when digital cameras were not yet a common item and the resolution was very poor.  They were taken with an early Sony digital camera that saved the images to (are you ready for this?) a 3.5 diskette!  Several of the other photos that will be displayed here will be of similar quality but they comprise a first hand photographic record of how some of us were able to give back to those who were bearing the brunt of the rescue and recovery effort.